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5 Tips to Traveling Right: Italy

If I could recommend something to anyone, it would be to travel to Italy during the spring or summer. Once upon a time I traveled to Rome and Venice. Supposedly two of the… Continue reading

Weekend Excursion: Bahrain

Long weekends in Arabia involve driving a vehicle across the border to yet another Gulf country. This time we journeyed back to Bahrain. Although this is one minuscule country, a few day’s getaway… Continue reading

Muscat Wanders…Travel Journal

It’s been about two weeks since we returned back home from Muscat, Oman. So now it’s time for me to quit procrastinating my travel journaling and actually get it done. Two things: I forgot… Continue reading

Fashionable Travels ~ Dubai Adventure

Dubai is ridiculous. As in ‘awesome’ ridiculous. Downtown is like new age, you don’t really know if it’s real or not. It’s actually really impressive how this city was built in to what it… Continue reading

Sipping Coffee @ The Vogue Cafe

This is surreal. I named this blog after a mood I love which is the mellow/day-dream lounging around on the weekends with a cup of coffee and a magazine – kind of mood.… Continue reading

Day 3: Dream Book Project ~ 50 Countries Before 40

I have a fear of flying. The second the plane leaves the tarmac, my heart beats double in pace. Or so it feels. My Dream Book entry for the day brings together two… Continue reading

Summer in Europe: Germany

Well,  I have clearly fallen off the bandwagon. It’s been over a month since I last posted and the funny part is that I had promised to do a better job with blogging… Continue reading

Tales of Wanders: Boston

Nothing better than spending the first weeks of spring in Boston. The place where the harsh winter days slowly blend into cool mornings and warm afternoons. Spring flowers are alive once again, swans… Continue reading

Fashionable Travels – Bahrain

Photostyling: Retro Glamour Fashion and Coffee The hubby and I are spending a few days in Manama, Bahrain…and although this is a pretty small country, it’s a perfect destination for a short Spring… Continue reading