Today’s Outfit: Crop Tops over Dresses

A new Outfit of the Day Post! Layering crop tops over cotton bodycon dresses.┬áBringing it all together with a little bit of shine – Cypriot cuff and matching earrings.

Today’s Outfit: Black and Gold

Introducing The Vogue Cafe Barista: M…maybe not HER specifically, more like…introducing her style. Nina Ricci Gold-Plated Watch, Plated Leather Bracelet #armcandy, oh and of course Sparkle Shoes

14 Fashion & Style Instagramers

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Work Wardrobe Rules

I need a professional-attire overhaul. Pronto. Some inspiration in that general department would be much appreciated right about now. The only reason I say this is because I wore the grey and black… Continue reading

Talkin’ Fashion Campaigns

Source: Photography by Tim Walker, props by Hillman Studio Fashion campaigns are awesome. I mean, check this Mulberry one out. What’s not to love about it? Everything just sucks you in and you… Continue reading

Current Fashion Inspirations…

Before you take a sip of that latte, sit back and enjoy these gals rocking all these funky prints and patterns. Remember when we were taught to never mix patterns – stripes and… Continue reading

15 February Fashion Finds (Accessories Edition)

Because I need more crap in my closets. I am now convinced that my mind is determined to intoxicate itself with some fashion-related matters at least once every month. Why would February be… Continue reading

What Would YOU Wear If You Weren’t Afraid?

Something’s definitely come over me because I’m LOVING checkered black and white dresses, the Zara one to be exact. This would look particularly stunning with a statement emerald green necklace or handbag…as well… Continue reading

Let’s Get Started: When Fashion Meets Coffee

The Vogue Cafe: Bringing two of my favorite things together: Fashion and Coffee.