The REAL Vogue Cafe

Believe it or not. This world actually has a real-life Vogue Cafe. Not just one, you can find them in Moscow, Paris, Dubai, Kiev and Bangkok, among other places. Each one bares a… Continue reading

Today’s Outfit: Black,Cream & Pearls

  Today’s Outfit: Crop cream embroidered sweater with pearl details, stretchy black high waist skirt Accessories: Pearl earrings, gold bracelet, black leather backpack. Shoes: Black cloth booties

Working Grey and Black

Today’s Office Outfit: Grey high-collar crop top, black A-line high waist skirt, black leather jacket. Accessories: Silver and grey earrings, silver carved ring, Miu Miu sunglasses. Shoes: Vince Camuto black leather bow flats.

Black & White Street Chic – Spring 2016

Source: Riches & Rags These days it’s all about street style fashion and what-not. In this part of the world, the weather is warming up, so current inspirational outfits revolve around light jackets,… Continue reading

Coffee Chit-Chat

Updates on new gets, still avoiding going to the malls (watching the spending). But…I did get a few sweet fashionable birthday gifts from friends and co-workers. Firstly, I wasn’t able to capture all… Continue reading

Today’s Outfit: Blue on Blue

All Blues: Navy Blue Shimmery Sweater, A-Line Baby Blue Skirt. Accessories: Turkish porcelain/silver pendant necklace, Greek coin bracelet, Portuguese ceramic tile bangle and pearl cluster ring, metallic blue sunglasses. Shoes: Vince Camuto black… Continue reading

Monthly Musings: Spring Coats

Over the course of the month, a few dozen photos have been liked and re-pinned on pinterest and those have been combined here to create a delicious blend of monthly musings. Source MARCH… Continue reading

A Poem by Cara Delevingne

This may not be appropriate cafe talk because it’s a little somber, and who the heck wants to sit around feeling miserable when all you want is to be floating off in to… Continue reading

Today’s Outfit: Olive and Brown

Wow! I made it in to a new week and I’m still committed to my outfit photo-taking. No high hopes here though! Sunday’s outfit looked something works wonders when you wake up puffy… Continue reading

Setting the Mood: B&W Photos

Don’t these photos just make you want to get into a big warm sweater, fuzzy socks and lounge around with absolutely no care in the world? Take it in people…  Chanel photographed by… Continue reading

Blazers and All-Stars

Every now and then a blog post will pop up with a few shots of #whatIworetowork #ootd #whatImwearing, etc. etc…bringing a touch of personality to our cafe today with some of this week’s… Continue reading

Today’s Outfit: Mixing Black and Tan

I’m on a roll this week. Committed to taking photos of all outfits and accessories. Let’s see if this motivation will last over the course of the month. Featured Today: Brown, Black and Gold… Continue reading