Layer It Up

Loving this trend at the moment, particluarly during the fall months. Looks like assymetrical layers upon layers, ruffles and sweaters, coats over vests over dress shirts is the fashion that’s happening on the… Continue reading

Sipping Coffee @ The Vogue Cafe

This is surreal. I named this blog after a mood I love which is the mellow/day-dream lounging around on the weekends with a cup of coffee and a magazine – kind of mood.… Continue reading

Day 4: Dream Book Project ~Relaxation

I’m grateful for the life that I have. So unbelievably grateful. But I screw it up with the insane amount of stress and worry and anxiety I put myself through that is ultimately damaging… Continue reading

Day 3: Dream Book Project ~ 50 Countries Before 40

I have a fear of flying. The second the plane leaves the tarmac, my heart beats double in pace. Or so it feels. My Dream Book entry for the day brings together two… Continue reading

Satin Sheens & Metallics Are Still In..

Good. Because sometimes I worry about wearing metallic shades or shoes and wonder if I’m too “out there”. So happy to see so many metallic clothes still hanging in the ‘new arrivals’ sections… Continue reading

Dream Book Project: ~Conquering Depression~

I remember a time when I used to have anxiety that made my whole body shiver. The feeling that every thought and emotion was bouncing around and stretching my brain and I would… Continue reading

Dream Book Project: Day 1

“Imagine with all your mind. Believe with all your heart. Achieve with all your might.” Three years ago I embarked upon this journey of self-love which matured in to a consistent habit of writing… Continue reading

Breakfast at Bateel

Weekends are for lounging, eating and relaxing. Sometimes, we throw in a few chores and not-so-pleasant trips to the doctors’ but my husband and I live for the weekends. Everyone knows this. We… Continue reading

Summer’s Ending…Life Talk

To be fair, it’s still considered summer in Saudi right now.  We’re now starting October and it’s still 32 C soo obviously, the “fall” season is non-existent. The weather here basically goes straight… Continue reading

Committing to Veganism

Is this a sign?  I think it is. It’s time to commit to being 100% vegan and make this a lifelong commitment. This is a lifestyle change that I know is right. I’m… Continue reading

Pretty Little Buyers..

No clue with the title, just thought it’s cute. Although this  post will be about online-buys aka online shopping. I need one-piece swimsuits and cutesy beach cover-ups so I’m exploring online stores for these… Continue reading

Chocolate, Coffee & Eric Kayser

I’ve spent the majority of the last two weeks at home hanging out in our kitchen. Not because I’m looking around for food but because I was deciding on how to move all… Continue reading