Winter-Wear Essentials

Yes. New blog post. I think this day has been way too long, brain is processing on a sub-average threshold, not sure why since I ate a lot today and definitely have enough… Continue reading

Capsule Wardrobe…

Another day, another office outfit. Based on what I wear it seems as though I only have a handful of clothes. Which reminds of this youtube video I recently watched about creating a… Continue reading

Muscat Wanders…Travel Journal

It’s been about two weeks since we returned back home from Muscat, Oman. So now it’s time for me to quit procrastinating my travel journaling and actually get it done. Two things: I forgot… Continue reading

#WhatIWore: Black Fringe

Time for a new outfit post. This one is actually cute because 1. black = awesomest shade/color 2. it’s a sweater dress = maximizing on my laziness 3. anything that can be paired… Continue reading

Shades of Purple (Bodacious)

I’m seeing it everywhere in stores. Purple. All shades of it, everywhere. It’s actually a beautiful thing because the fashion color trend for this season is what I would call a normal person would… Continue reading


What defines success? It’s a subjective concept; wealth, power, popularity, family, education. Those are the first few things I think of, but what about ethical and moral success? What about soul purification or… Continue reading

Fall Feels: Happy

The first two months after coming back home were brutal. Psychologically speaking, I was feeling miserable and down for an unknown reason. And when you don’t know the reason for your unhappiness, it’s… Continue reading

#WhatIWore : White & Beige

Realistically, in any other part of the Northern Hemisphere I would be bundled up in a big warm winter coat, constricted in two pairs of leggings, fuzzy socks and a pair of uggs.… Continue reading


The greatest thing about pinterest and instagram is the inspiration I get from all the crazy, funky cool fashion looks on the streets. I’m very basic with my clothes – simple and not… Continue reading

Dream Book Project – Comfort Zones

I’m an introvert. It’s not even a question. I need alone time, I enjoy small gatherings with close friends and I don’t do well in crazy busy environments. That’s just how I’ve always… Continue reading

Fashionable Travels ~ Dubai Adventure

Dubai is ridiculous. As in ‘awesome’ ridiculous. Downtown is like new age, you don’t really know if it’s real or not. It’s actually really impressive how this city was built in to what it… Continue reading

October Outfit

I haven’t done one of these in a while. I got back in to snapping photos of the outfits I wear to work over the last week or so. This is actually not… Continue reading