These are the tales of my life. In sequence.

A collection of my mind’s wanderings. Inspired moments. Dream journals. Photographic stylings and uplifting vibes.

I’m a lover of all things food – fashion – travel and decor. I enjoy spending hours binge-watching Netflix,  moving furniture in my house, organizing closets and sipping coffee in the outdoors. My family is my life. Everything inspires me. I don’t have a dream goal and don’t feel bad that I don’t. My definition of Success = Happiness. I live my life with a commitment to health, fitness and spiritual enlightenment. I believe in God. I travel. I learn from mistakes. I’m imperfect. I feel happy and I feel sad. I day dream. I’m soft and I’m sensitive. I’m quiet and reserved but I have so many thoughts in my head.


My husband and I live and work in Saudi Arabia. We live a normal life in a unique society. We enjoy the little things and I enjoy chronicling them. This is a ‘day in the life‘ mélange written out in black on white; a way to document the gratitude that I have for the life I’ve been given. This is where I write, reflect, remember and get inspired.

M. J.