Detoxing from Negativity

Step outside of it for a little bit and you will realize how much it has consumed your life. Negativity is one of the hardest things to break, it’s an addiction, takes control over your mind just like any other drug. When you break free from negativity, you begin to notice just how messed up your attitude and psychological well-being truly was. This is my take on negativity.

My problem is not really something from within, it’s more like something that I put myself through depending on the environment I’m in. If you surround yourself with the drain-bows of the world, you will more than likely become one too. It consumes your mind. We all know what it’s like to sit and mope and try to make a drama out of every little thing. Think back at every time you dramatized a situation, how do you see yourself now? Have you lost a little ounce of respect for yourself? Did you feel like you were being a little immature? Probably. That’s because you more than likely were. What is the point of complaining, and always having something to criticize? Does it make us happier? Does it fix something in the moment and make us feel better about ourselves or our lives? Is it something that we do as a way to deal with emotions that we cannot understand?

I wish this world worked in a different way. Instead of using negativity to deal with things why couldn’t it be that we just become extra positive? I suppose that’s what religion and meditation try to teach us. Living in the moment makes one not dwell so much on things, not be too attached to any thing including ideas and thoughts. We should just accept everything as it comes and not worry too much about it or make a big deal out of it.

Personally, one of the worst things that I experience when I’m in a negative mindset is the guilt that’s attached to it. It’s like I know I shouldn’t be thinking this way, or complaining or talking about a meaningless ‘problem’, yet I can’t stop myself. Then a few days later you kind of get over it but the consequences of the negativity remain. You set this cycle in motion where you only feel like you can deal with things or get past issues by being negative about them. That’s kind of sad! Regardless of the way you deal with things emotionally, those obstacles and feelings will pass and what you are left with is your view of your self, your attitude on life and your subconscious. It eats away at you at the subconscious level, but you can end it.

I decided to detox from the negativity in my life by being on my own. That’s the only thing that worked for me. I started spending more time on my own and less time with people. One of the main reasons is because I knew that certain people in my life were actually exacerbating my negative attitude, adding fuel to the fire, and in turn feeding their own need for drama. Detoxing from negative people helps heaps but you have to do a lot more than that to change your attitude. This is also something that takes time, it’s not like one day you wake up and decide you want to be positive and snap you’re positive. You have to bust your a** to stay positive. It actually takes more energy to be positive than it does to be negative at first. I mean think about it, people have a hard time saying anything good about someone or something, but ask them to tell you 10 things that piss them off, they can do it in a matter of seconds. It’s not that I think I’m better than anyone like that, I mean, I was like that. I just choose not to be like that anymore.

Some of the things that I did to break free from this cycle:

IMG_20160909_163045Appreciate time on your own: Be in the present moment and enjoy the small things that you have been blessed with. We take all these things for granted because we just don’t pay attention. When you put things in perspective, you realize that your life is filled with beautiful things and you really have no excuse to complain about anything. Being on your own also gives your the opportunity to learn about yourself. You begin to understand what makes you happy, what things upset you, what your passions and hobbies are. If you are constantly with others, you feed off of their hobbies and desires…which leaves no room for learning about what YOU truly love and what YOUR personality is really like.

IMG_20170502_082634_308Take an hour long walk every day: Walking helps settle the mind. Being outdoors, walking and listening to music automatically puts you in a positive place. Be as close to nature as possible and get as much sunlight as you can.

IMG_20170420_131733_114Do some research about the ways you can manage your stress every night: When you’re stressed, you become negative. Those two go hand-in-hand. If something is on your mind, if you’re anxious about something, if you’re angry or overwhelmed – you will more than likely think negatively. I found that taking a 20 minute warm bath, dancing in my living room, cooking new recipes and listening to light background music help make me feel more at peace.

IMG_20161107_134527Figure yourself out: Ultimately, our attitude is a reflection of our self-perception. If we have inner turmoil it comes out in un-inspiring ways. If you have issues to deal with, deal with them. Take the time to actually reflect on your psychological well-being, stop being in denial and admit that you have insecurity issues, jealousy issues, the need for attention, the fear of getting hurt by someone, feeling of inferiority. Whatever they are, just tell yourself that these are the issues you have and that you will work on. Stop burying them. The more you do that, the more resentful and spiteful you become towards yourself and others. I chose to deal with a few of my issues by finally coming to peace with the fact that I am NOT perfect nor will I ever be. I also realized that one of the things that made me pessimistic was the fact that on the inside I felt like I was not achieving some of the goals that I really want to achieve – goals that are bigger than material things. These are more like self-growth goals. I’m on that path now and I feel a million times better. I look back at the times when I would snap at things or over-think a situation if someone made a comment I would play it in my mind over and over and over until it exhausted me physically. I don’t need that in my life, you will always have these things come up in your life but you have to create that positive attitude that will deal with those issues. Some things I used to help me get to this point are books and journaling. I read tons of self-help books, inspiring excerpts and spiritual affirmations. I wrote a lot too; I wrote about my feelings, thoughts and goals on a daily basis.

IMG_20170401_110324_992Exercise: Use any negative energy you feel and exert it in a high intensity or high impact workout. I started intense circuit training and it is amazing. Not only do I feel stronger, I also turn any negative thoughts in to fuel to get a great work out in. Some days I go hard, some days I go for a long walk instead. Any form of exercise helps me clear my mind and bring me back to my peaceful place.

IMG_20170316_084112_589Create a positive space around you: Clutther and disorganization stress me out. Even if you’re not aware of it on a conscious level, you are affected by the environment you’re in. I like to decorate my office and home with soft tones that make me feel relaxed at all times. I pick up after myself, I put papers and books away. I need to feel like I can breathe wherever I am and open clean spaces help with that. Plants help too. It makes you feel like you’re out in nature. All these things help create positive and peaceful moods which in turn affect your attitude.

IMG_20170325_134045_124Treat your body well: I like to start my mornings off with coffee shop music, a cup of herbal tea or coffee and a nice breakfast. I stretch and sit some days before I get ready for work. I have breakfast every single morning. I make sure to eat enough food to keep me energized all day long. I don’t eat past 7 pm to allow my body to digest and recover. I take my vitamins, I exercise and I eat healthy.

I understand that this blog’s main focus is more photo-based but sometimes I like to throw in a few ‘mind rambling’ posts to spice it up. Ultimately, this is a lifestyle blog and the way you choose to live your life, be it in a positive or negative manner, will determine the quality of your lifestyle.