Black & White Stripes

There’s something about a simple horizontally striped sweater that makes me think ‘French’. As you may or may not know, the French are famous for their ‘Breton Stripe’, which has a pretty interesting history in itself. StyleCaster has a good summary of this titled ‘A Brief History of the Iconic Breton Stripe‘. Long story short, it came to life with the French navy uniform… Of course in their case the stripes should be navy blue and white, but the concept is pretty much the same. In my head the stripe pattern in dark shades vs. light is what sparks up images of dainty French women carrying baguettes, wearing berets on their heads and pearls around their necks.


I happen to own one of these simple black and white sweaters, so I wore it. Perhaps I should also mention that my favorite black/white look is to add a little touch of red or fuschia to break it up. That way the eyes focus on that pop of color instead of getting flustered with all that black and white that’s going on.



For me, black and white striped looks can be perfectly spot-on or a complete flop. Too much stripe can overwhelm and I seem to enjoy those looks where layering is involved; the stripes just sort of peek out at you without being too much. Over the years I have collected photos of stylish looks, so here are a few that are ‘stripe’ related…


Source: Pop of Style


Source: Bloglovin’



Source: This is Veda


Source: Glam By Moni

That’s enough stripey inspo for now..