Weekend Excursion: Bahrain

img_20170227_104911_949Long weekends in Arabia involve driving a vehicle across the border to yet another Gulf country. This time we journeyed back to Bahrain. Although this is one minuscule country, a few day’s getaway can be filled with a ton of adventures and activities.

Shopping at Bahrain City Centre. This is the place to be if you plan on spending a minimum of 5 hours shopping for whatever your heart desires.  The cool thing about this mall is that you can pretty much find anything here from luxury brands to affordable ones, food court vendors to sit-down restaurants. Also, the mall has two hotels attached to it (Le Meridien and The Westin). So basically staying there would mean never leaving that that spot if that’s how you roll. Let’s not forget that this mall also holds the country’s biggest cinema…not bad, right?

Dining Out in Manama’s Restaurant District. We tried Monsoon; an Asian restaurant that offers cuisines from all over East Asia (Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and Thai). We ordered a platter of sushi rolls, rice, spring rolls and pad-thai. The food, the ambiance and the service were exceptional. We will definitely be making our way back there on our next trip. Check this map for more restaurant options in that area.

Beach Time and Resort Life. A relaxing beach holiday is something to consider if all you want to do is stay in one place, lounge by the pool and chill out. Some of the neatest looking resorts that I’ve come across during my hotel searches include The Ritz-Carlton and ART Rotana Manama.

Traditional Home-Style Breakfast at Ric’s Kountry Kitchen. Here’s the thing, we are coming from Saudi so this is like the greatest gem to exist in the Middle East because this little place could literally exist in country town USA. Grits, biscuits and gravy, bacon, ham, hashbrowns, pancakes. Definitely a popular restaurant for breakfast and brunch.

Indoor Skydiving. This is apparently a thing, and it sounds pretty fun too. If my hubby weren’t a a party-pooper I would have done this for sure. GRAVITY Indoor Skydiving.

Trip to a Traditional Arabian Souk. Pretty much every Arabic country I have visited has one of these traditional marketplaces, and they are always a must if you’re into experiencing an authentic part of the city. Bab El Bahrain Souk is where it’s at.

Alright, now back to my own personal getaway…

We broke up the trip and spent one night in Khobar, which turned out to be a very good idea. Our drive across the bridge to Bahrain began early on the next morning and the first place we stopped at was Ric’s Kountry Kitchen. The hubby had been talking about this for the past few weeks so it was kind of understood that this would be our first stop. Thankfully, they have lunch and dinner options throughout the day so I was able to pick and choose 5 to 6 side dishes that I knew were vegan. My brunch included steamed veggies, a plan baked potato, salsa, avocado and beans. D had a plate of biscuits and gravy, fried eggs, bacon and home fries.

By mid-afternoon we were ready to head over to our hotel and get settled in. The room was still being prepared for our stay so we walked across the street to Seef Mall and did some shopping. By some, I mean, I bought like 4 things from Zara. I really need them to pay me for being a real-life walking advertisement. This is ridiculous. Actually, I took sporadic photos of the pieces I purchased to post on here. Yes, I literally thought this one through.

The majority of our activities included dining out, getting massages, working out at the gym, learning a few moves from the trainers, shopping and watching two movies at the cinema. Basically, we did nothing that required the use of our brains, which is exactly how I like to spend my weekends.

Moving on to the photos…



Thursday night in Khobar at the Double Tree Hilton Hotel. The staff here was incredible, and the rooms are pretty sweet. Cool thing is I’m a Hilton Honors member so we got to stay on the HH floor. Not bad!




Brunch at Ric’s (we went there twice). The hubby is non-vegan…and I’m, well, a plant-based foodie (not 100% vegan yet because I still use products that are tested on animals and still own some leather goods). I Ordered the same thing twice at Ric’s. It’s honestly not that hard to for me to find vegan options at restaurants, I always ask for no sauces, no cheese and basically plain food with a side of condiments (mustard and ketchup).





Purchases from my shopping spree at Seef and City Centre: Zara jacket, blingin’ copper shoes (above), pearl sandals, and navy blue velvet top.




Bits and pieces of Bahrain – spectacular new age buildings, yummy food and comfortable living.

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