Weekend Getaway Packing Tips

This girl, right here, is the worst light traveler to ever exist. The concept of traveling light sparks emotions of anxiety and stress that most normal people wouldn’t experience. It has definitely gotten better over the years,but I still have moments of indecisiveness that result in complete destruction in front of a suitcase. I use these weekend getaways as small tests, each of which prepares me for longer travels. So what are some things I’ve learned? Let’s find out…

Tips for winter-weather weekend getaways



Small classy  travel bag: I have been using this Carolina Herrera bag that we got when we purchased a perfume set back in the early 2000’s. It’s sturdy, fashionable and the perfect size for a short getaway.

You will need a pair of pants and a pair of leggings. Most folks would probably just pack one pair of jeans/jeggings and call it a day – but I’m not one to wear the same pair twice in a row.

1 sweater, 1 long sweater dress: Sweater goes with the pants; dress goes with the leggings.

You will need a pair of boots: Literally only need one pair of comfortable yet stylish boots.


A mini make up bag with these essentials:

  • Lipstick, eyeliner, concealer and blush.
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Contacts/solution and eyeglasses
  • Travel-size face wash and make up remover

Two or three pairs of socks: See below.

Three pairs of underwear: Always good to have extras.

PJs or night gown: Depending on the weather, preference, and state of the room at night. Pack accordingly.

Hair tie and fashion hair band: This is important, because styling products, brushes and irons should not be making an appearance. These hair accessories are perfect for bad hair days.

Phone, book or journal: Obviously, for entertainment purposes.