Love Day Vibes

As a follow up to yesterday’s post about Valentine’s Day fashion finds, this is one of those in-the-moment life blog entries that seems to be appropriate to get out of the way right now. Today, was a typical day. Nothing different. The hubby actually remembered and walked in to my dressing area yelling “Happy Valentine’s Day!”. Huggies and kissies all round and then continued on with our routines. Heeled boots or flat boots? I went with the flat pair. It’s been raining all day. No point in getting my new pair wet.

Planning my outfit took about 2 minutes – with a thin white sweater worn underneath my Mango black dress. Ain’t nothin’ to it. Threw on my gold watch, gold necklace and warmed up some soy milk for my coffee. Threw my breakfast (oatmeal) and lunch (salad) into my lunch bag and was ready to roll by 7:50 am.




Walking in to the office I found a single rose sitting on my desk. Yay, further recognition of this annual overly hyped day. The fact that I got excited about a rose is pitiful. There’s just something about Valentine’s that conjures up memories of High School – your coolness amounted to the number of roses and grams you got. The ridiculousness of it all. In Saudi, roses have to be stored away in stores. If anyone is seen walking about with a red rose, that would be problematic for them. If you think I’m joking, this article can pretty much sum it all up.




This evening the hubby surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of red roses. Always happy when I receive a pretty little arrangement of flowers. Perfect way to end the day…