January Inspo Recap

Every day gives us the opportunity to be inspired by something new. We can choose to let those moments pass by without even noticing or appreciating their impact on us….or we can make note, compile…and blog about them. The thought of writing down every piece of inspiring content or photograph on a daily is nauseating and a little anxiety-triggering, that is for sure. Instead, I like to keep track of some of my favorite things and get them all down in a monthly re-cap of inspirations. Here’s what has inspired me in January:

‘The Extra 5’ fashion tips from The Zoe Report Youtube channel

Animal rights activism. Veganism and compassion for animals quotes


“Don’t talk of Love and Peace when you have a dead animal on your plate”. – Socrates. Source

Scandinavian lifestyle vibes for the home


The Minimalists’ documentary on tips for decluttering your life


The Happy Pear‘ vegan cooking and healthy living



Ideas for natural home-made beauty products from “Organic Beauty Recipes


Organizing the KonMari way… organization and tidying up tips (Marie Kondo)


Closet organizing inspo. Source

Rose/Pink colored sweaters

Women who have made a mark: Emlii’s “31 Most Inpsiring Women Who Changed the World“. In particular, Princess Diana…


High Carb-Low Fat Vegan Baking by “Feasting on Fruit“.


Reading daily devotionals at “In Touch Ministries“.