What is a Lifestyle Blogger?

Processed with VSCO with m5 presetThere is a profound distinction between a lifestyle blogger and a fashion blogger. It should go without saying but I sense the line is blurred at times. On one end you find a blog solely dedicated to buys, #ootd’s, clothes and trends, and on the other, travels, outings, reads and ‘a day in the life’ chronicles. No doubt there’s a great deal of parallelism and intermixing involved but I choose to set the boundaries where fashion blogging ends and lifestyle blogging begins. Why? Why is this even important? Well, to be completely honest, it’s not…but it’s nice to know in which direction to focus your content right?

Which brings me to why I changed the name of my blog. What started off as a simple fashion blog turned in to a personal diary of my life’s journeys, thoughts, photographs and inspirations. Less fashion, more living. The reason being: I’m straight up mediocre at blogging about fashion. Let’s just be real for a sec. You know how many blogs, articles and websites are dedicated to something ultimately, so trite and trivial in our every day lives? All based on never-ending consumerism? There is more to life than buying a bunch of fabric and displaying it for the world to see. I now want to move away from that…which takes me back to a previous Dream Book entry I wrote ‘Comfort Zones‘…just do what you want without worrying too much about how it looks to the world.

To me, lifestyle blogging is writing the things that occupy our minds on a daily basis. Ranging from what inspires you to what experiences have shaped you, your favorite things to your least favorite things. It’s basically one’s thoughts presented in black on white, a manuscript filled with all our behaviors, desires, worries and special moments. I did not want to label myself as one who solely writes about fashion, I have never been nor will I ever be a connoisseur in that domain. I just wrote things I learned over the years. And guess what? Everyone knows that stuff, so really I’m not contributing much to society at all. Who cares what I wear on a daily basis? You know how many stylish, fashionable women exist in this world that don’t even snap photos of their clothes. I don’t even want to begin with the insane number of bloggers who just take the same photos, with the same shoes or handbags. Like stop with Chanel. Please just put that Chanel bag down. You’re 20 something and you own a Chanel bag? It takes away from the respect I once had for some of these brands – primarily because I associated them with sophistication. Which is a ridiculously naive way of thinking in itself.

And then they are called ‘social influencers’. They actually have a name now for girls who drop out of high school or college because they can’t be bothered with studying…and pick up what seem to be these glamorous digital jobs of inspiring younger minds with the photos and lifestyles they lead. What about the older generations? What about the women who we should REALLY look up to and feel like, damn son, that’s the kind of powerful woman I want to be.

I guess I’m a lifestyle ‘blogger’ – even that word makes me cringe. Let’s just go with “I’m a life writer”. I just write about what I want, when I want, in any way that I want. This is not a means to an end. It’s not one of those blogs that wants to be found, a popularity thing, a need for approval and applause. I’m just writing for me and if someone out there actually thinks anything I have to say is interesting…then that’s awesome. But let’s get back down to earth and chill out with all this social influencing crap.

Lifestyle blogging is more than just fashion, beauty, make up and travel. What about career pointers, budgeting for retirement, technological advances in science that affect our lives, health concerns, diets and nutrition, philosophy and enlightenment? Aren’t ALL of these bits and pieces of issues that create our ‘lifestyle’? Dig in a little deeper than the surface of quick fashion and luxury appearances.

A lifestyle is a way of living. It can be boring, it can be inspiring, it can be quirky and it can be completely ridiculously depressing. Whatever it is, we all have a story and it so happens that I choose to share my life story right here.