Hygge it Up…Winter Edition


Source: Elle UK

Thank you to the Danish for having a word in their dictionary that perfectly sums up what some of us soft souls enjoy doing…and occasionally, photographing.

This is a concept that has made headlines in 2016. Basically it’s the word that describes something we all do that we never really know how to explain. It’s the creation of moods and the setting of atmospheres in all the little things we do. Bringing life to our actions and making the moment extra special and moody.


Source: Soul Inside

I do this quite often and as soon as I learned about ‘hygge’ I put everything down and ran to my husband yelling “IT HAS A NAME!”….no joke. For example I would light up vanilla candles (only vanilla) as soon as the sun begins to set, and connect my computer to the TV and play a 4-hour fireplace video. Why? Because it makes me feel warm inside. I choose vanilla candles because that is my favorite scent – anything else would ruin the perfection of that particular moment. I would sip water out of a wine glass and wrap myself in a big fluffy white bath robe and matching white slippers. Hygge is doing those small little things that come together to make you feel at peace. Surround yourself with those things that spark a feeling of content, warmth and joy and you will master the art of hygge living.

These are some examples of things I do that might inspire someone out there…

  1. Sipping my morning coffee out of my favorite mug.
  2. Decorating my office with bright white/silver/gold pieces, inspiration art and candles.
  3. Lighting candles in the kitchen and living room.
  4. Buying a bouquet of flowers for the home or office once a month.
  5. Setting up fireplace and rainy day videos on the TV while I work on my computer.
  6. Jazz music (or my favorite La Belle Musique) playing in the background while I cook.
  7. Plating food on dishes purchased from every country I’ve traveled to.
  8. Decorating with life: plants and succulents.
  9. Creating a relaxed reading nook with a comfortable armchair, fuzzy rug and lamp.
  10. Wearing my favorite jewelry instead of keeping them locked up in that jewelry box.
  11. Spraying my favorite scent every morning (Chanel ‘Chance’).
  12. Treating myself to a sweet treat every once in a while.
  13. Bundle up in a warm robe and fuzzy slippers every morning.
  14. Buying quality coffee to brew every weekend.
  15. Creating an inspiration board of my favorite photographs and styling shots.
  16. Reading daily devotionals and daily inspiration while I sip my coffee at work.
  17. Slowing down. Stopping mid-day and enjoying the feeling of doing nothing.
  18. Pampering myself with an at-home spa day every month.
  19. Spraying my scarves with perfume before I wear them.
  20. Sipping hot cocoa under a warm blanket while watching my favorite Netflix shows.

In one sentence:  Hygge is surrounding yourself with all things that make you happy.We can create a perfectly happy life if we we choose to and we do so by just spending a few extra seconds polishing up all that we do. Make your everyday boring motions feel special. I mean, think about it….at the end of the day, your life is a culmination of all these beautiful moments that you create.

Good Read: Charlotte Luxford’s12 Ways to Create the Danish Hygge Look at Home“.

This is also a great checklist of guidelines that I found; taken from The Culture Trip.