Winter Essentials: The Boots


We all know this is true. Boots + coats are pretty much the two most important staple pieces in your winter wardrobe. I dedicated quite a few posts to coats in the past, and boots are now feeling a little it’s time to shine the spotlight on them. Okay. So here’s the thing – boots can come in so many shapes, styles and colors, it’s not even funny how much of a headache boot shopping can cause. So these are my top five tips when picking out a pair of boots:

1. Asses your Needs: Pay attention to what your typical day looks like: Do you walk to work? Do you wear lots of baggy pants or really fitted skinnies? Do you walk a lot throughout the day? Does it rain/snow where you live? Does the majority of your day take place in a professional or casual setting? The answers to these will help determine exactly what kind of boot you will need for every day use.


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2. The Rain Boot: Yeah, we all know, these can be ridiculously hideous and unfashionable but when you’re stuck in rain, or dread that short walk from your home to wherever…trust that you will be wishing you had taken the time to find a pair of these. Now here’s the thing, I don’t even think you need to purchase a legit rain boot (aka Hunters), you can easily pick your  basic boots that are simultaneously water-proof as well.

3. Knee-Length/Below the Knee Boots: I’m all about comfort and style and I find that anything that covers the knee tends to become a little problematic and less practical. I would stick to a pair of leather/suede boots that come up past the shin and an inch below the knee. This length definitely makes a leg look longer and works wonders in covering as much of the leg as possible without becoming too uncomfortable when you go to bend your knees to sit.


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4. Booties: Alright listen, the point I’m trying to emphasize in this short post is the fact that you really only need two pairs of boots in this life: a tall leather practical (preferably waterproof) one and a nice stylish pair of high heeled booties. Booties seriously make a woman look so feminine and they are a perfect combination with dresses, skirts and leggings.

5. Heel Height: This is about what type of heel I think works best regardless of our situation. Avoid really flat boots – the ones that are basically a pair of flats that just keep going up. Seriously, you step into a 0.5 inch puddle and you’re basically done. Also these don’t tend to get much wear and in my opinion, boots are quality pieces that should last for at least 2 years. I would generally stick to half-inch to 1 inch heel height for your every day boot and maybe 2 inches (a little higher depending on your taste) for booties.


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These are my five quick tips… and of course, throwing in a pair of super elegant stiletto boots would be a great addition to any wardrobe. Make sure that no matter what you buy, the boots are top quality (material and make) to last all winter and maintain their shape, look and structure. I would say keeping your feet warm is a lot more important than how fashionable you think you look. Let’s be real, no one out there wants to walk around in a soggy pair of boots.

xx MJ