Holiday Vibes

I’ve said this many times before, but I will continue to repeat it because it still stands: Christmas time is my favorite time of the year. There are quite a few reasons for that. First of all, I get to put up the Christmas trees at my parents’ and now in my own home too. Double fun. I get to take out all my pretty little sparkly ornaments and decorate the living room the way I want. I even take it as far as decorating my office…why? Because I love the moods created by the holiday atmosphere. I felt that, last year, I lost all the excitement for the holidays mainly because 1. we didn’t have enough time to enjoy our tree, nor did we go out and do anything related to Christmas shopping etc. and 2. I stopped the office/co-worker holiday gift giving that I used to get so excited about. Not sure why I’m not motivated when it comes to gifts now….I guess because our family has unanimously agreed that we won’t gift each other Christmas presents. Which, I gotta say, is very convenient and painless.

Anyway, I plan to keep the festive moods alive by baking a batch of cookies, banana bread, and plant-based pies over the next few weeks. Vanilla-scented candles are all over my home and office and soft holiday music is playing in the background at all times. Not too bad? It’s these small little things that create the best atmosphere, which is really important when you live in Saudi Arabia.

We are feeling a little down this year because we are spending the holidays here. Over the 10+ years I celebrated Christmas in Montreal, Boston, New York City, West Virginia, Washington DC, Rome, Vatican City, Istanbul and Lisbon. So, yeah…the Christmas spirit was definitely there and now it feels like we are so far away from it all. Some of my favorite #ootd photos were taken during the holiday seasons and since the main theme of this blog is fashion – I thought…why not share these?


Regardless, the moods you feel are a result of your attitude and the atmosphere you create around you. So I made sure to make my office feel warm and less corporate with subtle decorations, candles and light jazz Christmas tunes. The Christmas tree at home makes our mornings and evenings happy and cozy. One night I cuddled up underneath my blanket on the living room sofa and fell asleep to the glow of the tree. It was a beautiful moment..and since we’re on the topic, I have a few photos that might inspire someone’s office holiday decorating..