Winter-Wear Essentials

Yes. New blog post. I think this day has been way too long, brain is processing on a sub-average threshold, not sure why since I ate a lot today and definitely have enough carbs in my system to keep the neurons happy…but no. I love blogging during these moments of feeling completely sluggish yet still creative. These are some of my favorite winter wear staples; things that I either 1. purchase and replace every year or 2. spend money on for quality and durability.


1. Heavy Duty Winter Coats: in the shades of black, camel and grey. I once purchased a white coat and thought I was being super fashionable and it turned out two weeks into wearing it, the coat looked kinda sad – rough, dirty and beat. Never again. I think white coats are fabulous – but not during heavy winter months – I leave these for spring weather. I also love the trendy ones that look like robes and all, but when I buy a coat I drop a lot of mula and I expect to be warm at all times so buttons, zippers and high collars are a must. Replace every 3-5 years depending on wear.



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2. Rain Coat or Trench Coat: I love rain, but I hate being wet. A nice classic put-together rain coat with a hoodie or a perfectly tailored trench coat are definite staples. When it comes to trench coats – I will put in a few thousand dollars and purchase a Burberry one, I have no problem with that because I know this is something that I would wear often and it needs to constantly look like it’s brand new. Splurge on this. Replace every 3-5 years depending on wear.


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3. Cape: Yes, this one won’t make the top list of anyone else’s winter staples, but I grew up seeing my mother wear beautiful elegant capes and she even had a red velvet one tailored and customized for me at the age of 11. So yeah, capes are some of the most classy looking coats out there; they make any outfit look rich, they keep you warm and they will never go out of style. Replace every 5-10 years.


4. Rain boots: In addition to my dislike of being wet, I have a strong dislike for cold moist feet. Like literally, nothing comes close to explaining how my mood changes from happy to grumpy in a matter of seconds as soon as my feet get wet. Rain boots, water resistant hands down. I like to buy a new pair of boots every year, and that’s my personal take on this because I’m not the kind of girl that changes shoes every day. If I like a pair of boots, I would wear the same pair every single day for an entire month. I mean, look at my outfit posts – same flats, same heels and same boots.

….Comfort is more important than appearances when it comes to shoes. New pair at the start of every winter season.

5. Matching scarf, hat and gloves set: I think two of these sets is enough for any woman. I’m a dark-shades person so I would choose black and maybe an intricate design that just makes each item more unique. Maybe a touch of faux leather/fur or embroidery, beads or pearls – whatever, but I like to have a matching set because that just keeps everything simple and classy. The colors in these cases would have to match my coats so I would go with black, grey or cream. Note: I also think a set of red or a bright pop of pink would be wonderful – striking in contrast to the simple and dark classic shades of the coat. Replace based on wear and tear.


6. Knee-length “Leather” or “Suede” boots: For the casual and non-casual outfits (office-wear, dining out, special occasions). Typically with a short heel, really depends on the person and how long they plan on wearing them. In my case, I would want something low if these boots are to be worn at the office. I just like how they keep the legs warm yet still look extremely stylish. Replace every 2-3 years depending on quality.


7. Skinny Jeans or Jeggings: Black, denim and grey colored. These are the best during the cold winter months, not only do they keep you warm they can be dressed up or down. I tend to replace my jeans every two-three years and my thicker leggings about once a year.


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8. Soft and Thin Sweaters: Not a huge fan of chunky pouf-y sweaters especially the ones that itch or suffocate me. I love layering pieces so having light sweaters in a bunch of different colors works wonders with dress shirts or some kind of embellished top underneath. I would say I bring in new sweaters once every two or so years and that’s mainly because they lose their elasticity. I would never spend tons of money on these things because I know I will need to replace them in a short period of time and this is where the trendy colors/shapes/designs come in to play.


9. Booties: I’m a huge fan of ankle boots, especially ones with heels. They make any outfit look sexy and fashion-forward. Paired with leggings, jeans or skirts, booties always elevate the final look. Like sweaters, I like to base these on what’s trendy and stylish in the moment. So I’ll never be one to drop more than 100 dollars on a pair of ankle boots. Replaced once every two years depending on use.


10. Sweater Dresses: These are probably the most important pieces in my winter wardrobe. I wouldn’t even put skirts in this list because dresses are a much more convenient and functional item during the cold months. These come in all kinds of colors, patterns, and textures. Honestly, can’t live without a set of sweater dresses, so practical, comfortable and classic. I like to consider quality when I buy these because they’re a one-piece outfit and it has to look presentable, fresh and chic at all yeah, don’t mind dropping a few dollars on pretty winter dresses. Replaced once every two to three years.


Alright, that’s about it. I think I went through it all and I’m hoping this makes some sense. Time for my afternoon coffee…Let me know what your favorite winter items are, it would be nice to see someone else’s perspective on this.

xx Maysee