Muscat Wanders…Travel Journal

It’s been about two weeks since we returned back home from Muscat, Oman. So now it’s time for me to quit procrastinating my travel journaling and actually get it done. Two things: I forgot my phone at home and realized this on check-in…and we all know none of us can live without our phones so D called our driver back to pick us up from the airport, take us back home and then back to the airport. Thankfully, we managed to make it back in time for boarding. Thing #2: My husband left HIS phone in one of the bins during our transit in Doha. Yes, we were stressed out about it, especially since it’s uncertain who will have access to all your information – but Qatar Airways was super professional about it all and really helped us out. The phone was back in my boo’s hands when we transited back through Doha on our return home. Thank you QA, you did not disappoint.

I’m going to throw in my favorite photos that summarize everything right here and I’ve included a bunch more below. All in all, we really enjoyed our time in Muscat and we hope to get the chance to return to Oman one day and maybe venture outside the city and explore the country a little bit more.


Basically here’s what we did:

We stayed at the Grand Hyatt, right on the beach, fabulous location. We had dinner at the Hotel’s Mokha Restaurant which was actually perfect for me because of the tons of veggies and hummus and rice and steamed veggies…yum! We also checked the facilities – spa, hair salon, gym…because that’s why we’re here right?

The majority of our trip looked like this: shopping, fancy dinners at all the hotel’s restaurants, breakfasts in bed, lounging by the pool, walking along the beach and of course spa time. It was the perfect 5-day vacation to de-stress and relax.

Since this is mainly a fashion/lifestyle blog, I will share a few photos I took and mainly focus on more stylish ones…if any of those exist, I don’t know, can’t remember exactly what kind of photos I took here…


The architecture is traditional old Arabia, intricate designs, gold and marbled floors, mosaics and beautifully colored glass. Upon entering the hotel you see a big lounge area which is the Tea lounge – they serve fruit, coffee, tea, dates and pastries here and in the evenings you can even order a selection of their Champagne and wines. I loved the concept especially the tents (pictured below). Gives you this old Arabian feel – this place is filled with so much culture. Also check out this amazing looking piano.


The hotel is huge, it has two wings, a central pool area and about 7 different restaurants/cafe’s/lounges. So that means, we spent most of our vacay right there in that area. We did go shopping though, I mean, we definitely spent a whole day shopping and were not really all that excited about any of the shopping we did. We ventured to Oman Avenues Mall and Muscat City Center, bought a few books, a Pandora charm (of course), rock studded earrings, and a beautiful hand-made Cashmere scarf with baby blue embroidery. There’s a lot of Indian and Tanzanian influence in Oman…historically a lot of trade was done between the two and I even think a lot of Omanis lived in Tanzania as well. So most places sell tons of beautiful Kashmir fabrics and clothes and you will find quite a bit of African themed places as well. It’s honestly a blend of Africa and Asia and Arabia.


Most days were spent doing this..


And this..we definitely kept our bellies happy…


So as you can see – lots to do, lots to eat and lots to enjoy. The food, people and beaches were incredible and we seriously can’t wait to come back here for a short spa-vacay.

xx Maysee