#WhatIWore: Black Fringe

Time for a new outfit post. This one is actually cute because 1. black = awesomest shade/color 2. it’s a sweater dress = maximizing on my laziness 3. anything that can be paired with leggings and still look professional = perfection. So, here I am heading out to work, the hubby snaps these photos so yes, he is my ‘instagram husband’. Sometimes he just puts his hand out to take my phone without me even mentioning anything about snapping a photo. This is why we’re married…

I bought this sweater dress at Debenhams. The reason why I really like it is because it’s simple but still has something going on – the fringe at the bottom. Also the actual material of this particular sweater is soft and delicate, it feels light and not really all that sweater-y…if you know what I’m saying.




And of course a few more photos were taken prior to gulping down my breakfast and coffee..