Shades of Purple (Bodacious)

I’m seeing it everywhere in stores. Purple. All shades of it, everywhere. It’s actually a beautiful thing because the fashion color trend for this season is what I would call a normal person would call pink-purple but apparently they call it Bodacious. Aka THIS..the Pantone website. I don’t even know where they come up with these names, I envision a council of fashion experts sitting around for hours on end voting on names that elicit some mood or sensation. It’s kind of funny when you really think about the behind-the-scenes work that goes in to all this fashion stuff.

I mean, seriously, this color and shimmery clothes are all the rage right now and I’m loving it. I snapped this at River Island the other day just to who how big these trends truly are right now. I even bought a bouquet and picked out a bunch of purple flowers to represent this sweet color.


No post is complete though without an outfit re-cap. On the topic of Bodacious, I guess this could come close to being categorized in the realm of purple hues so here’s what I’m wearing: A black (faux) leather jacket, purple/pink sweater, and a black A-line skirt…simple.