quote-artWhat defines success? It’s a subjective concept; wealth, power, popularity, family, education. Those are the first few things I think of, but what about ethical and moral success? What about soul purification or philanthropy? I guess to us all, success is the achievement of some goal that has an immense effect on our psychological thoughts and emotions. I highly doubt a person is successful for acquiring only one thing or achieving one goal, for instance – are you successful for having your own business? Perhaps, but what if your ethical values were torn apart during the process, what if you never had the chance to spend time with your family, what if you are in a constant state of depression? That’s not success. So really, success is the ultimate sensation you get when you feel like all the things that make you feel content come together as a whole and make your life have purpose. There’s a purpose for your being there, there’s a reason why you were put on this Earth and you finally understand it.

To me, success is my growth – growth on a personal, spiritual and professional level. It’s not measured in numbers, it’s not measured by the amount of money I make, or the number of friends I have, nor is it measured by the followers, or ratings my supervisors give me. It’s measured by my own mind in the moment. And it’s a simple equation:

Achieving my basic dreams/goals + Feeling satisfied in my life = Success.

It does’t get any simpler than that. So no, I’m not blogging for followers, or subscriptions or posting photos on instagram so that I can see the little number next to that little heart go up. I don’t go out of my way to befriend people to feel that I have a group of people surrounding me or to get an illusory sense of being loved and admired. The paycheck I get at the end of every month, no matter how big or small, does not tell me if I’ve succeeded in my career. It’s just so funny that we all have these ideas about what success is and it just feels like, nowadays, having a huge following on social media or being an entrepreneur is success. Nah. If you’re miserable or faking it to the top, it’s not success it’s kinda sad to be completely honest. What is the point if at the end of the day you have it all…and you’re miserable?

Seriously feeling grateful today.

I found this image on The Daily Femme, totally agree with the majority of these:


Source: The Daily Femme


xx Maysee