Fall Feels: Happy


Warm vanilla bean candles, coffee and fall-scented lotions.

The first two months after coming back home were brutal. Psychologically speaking, I was feeling miserable and down for an unknown reason. And when you don’t know the reason for your unhappiness, it’s difficult to feel at ease and let go. It has taken me over two months to get out of my depression. I’m not sure why I got to such a low point in my life but I think it’s human nature. We all go through moments of inexplicable joy, a lightness and a sense of gratitude for being alive. But we also go through moments where every piece in our heart and mind are shattered and confused, moments when nothing seems to matter and you can’t seem to understand why you are so afraid.

I’m so grateful that I have now passed that point and returned to my normal self again. I’m enjoying these first few months of cold weather – Fall moods all around. I took away the Spring/Summer decorative pieces and replaced them with candles and wintery/fall pieces. I’m trying to create an atmosphere around me that will inspire me and help me feel my best every single day. Making a few changes in my routines like going to bed earlier, and having a cup of coffee with frothed almond milk every morning. I keep my fridge stocked with all kinds of fruits and veggies and make a point of getting some kind of activity in every day: if I can’t make it to the gym, then I take a walk for an hour.


Staying with the Fall theme: an autumn leaf platter topped with my favorite things: fruit salad, bananas and avocado.


Sitting outdoors, with a cup of coffee…enjoying the weather and sunshine after a 30 minute jog. #fitness goals.

So far, I’m doing great. I’m feeling good and loving November. This is one of my favorite times of the year right now – getting in to my big white bathrobe and white fluffy slippers in the morning, warming up a cup of tea to sip on as I get ready in the morning…and of course making time for my family and husband – I think something that adds to my anxiety is the feeling that I’m not spending enough time with the people I love.


Spending time in my childhood home: brunch with mom and dad. Vegan spread of delicious Mediterranean foods. Homemade hummus, chickpea salad, veggies, zucchini dip and zaatar pita breads.


Enjoying time outside my parents’ house: small snack of fruits and one of the cats in the background. Loving the green and being out in nature.

So yes, I’m still whole-foods, plant-based…I still exercise, listen to music, watch inspiring youtube videos. I’m now cooking more at home and making proper meals that I can enjoy throughout the week. This time of year is the best when it comes to cooking inspiration: veggie stews, warm rice dishes, soups, pumpkin and sweet potatoes. I can’t wait to start stove-top roasting the bag of chestnuts I bought. Life is good.


Brought this big Zara scarf out because it keeps me so warm at work.