#WhatIWore : White & Beige

Realistically, in any other part of the Northern Hemisphere I would be bundled up in a big warm winter coat, constricted in two pairs of leggings, fuzzy socks and a pair of uggs. Ha! Not here man, we wear the same clothes year round and during these winter months…we just throw a jacket or coat on top and call it a day. That’s how it’s done in Riyadh. I’m telling you, Saudi isn’t as bad as people make it out to be (yes/no?). Unclear.

So this is what I wore….yeah I did something that’s unconventional which is wearing a white skirt in “winter” but let’s be honest, have you seen some of the crap that’s made its way to ‘streetstyle’ fashion these days? No comment. So this is another boring morning walk to work. Note…the background in all my photos is the same because I haven’t reached that point in my life where I stop giving AF and take photos of my outfits in front of people in the randomest places. I’m not ready for that kind of eyebrow raising.

Here it is: White midi skirt, beige wrap crop sweater and baby pink crop T…accessorized with a simple pearl necklace. #whatIwore going to work…