The greatest thing about pinterest and instagram is the inspiration I get from all the crazy, funky cool fashion looks on the streets. I’m very basic with my clothes – simple and not over-done. I consider myself to be very traditional in my fashion sense: color coordinating, not mixing too many patterns, wearing florals in summer/spring and dark shades during the winter months…no sandals in the winter, no boots in the summer and I definitely DO NOT mix winter items with summer items. That’s just how it has always been…so of course when I see the opposite in photographs I’m kind of like ‘oh snap…never thought that could be done’…and that’s a good thing.

I really should have published this post at the end of October since most of these photographs were discovered during the course of that month – but really, who cares it’s up now and that’s all that matters.

Things I’m loving at the moment: Oversized outfits, long patterned coats, all shades of purple and violet for fall/winter, short vests & blazers, and pink sweaters.




Love the matching set of scarf and beanie here…paired with the coat.

Still a fan of the pink-grey color combo. This would be a very cute look for the office…



Oversized everything: trousers, shirt, long vest, huge sunnies and shoes.