Sipping Coffee @ The Vogue Cafe


This is surreal. I named this blog after a mood I love which is the mellow/day-dream lounging around on the weekends with a cup of coffee and a magazine – kind of mood. That, to me, is the ultimate form of relaxation. It also conjures up images of sophistication and carefree-ness if that makes any sense. I guess it’s what you see in old black and white photos of elegantly dressed ladies at coffee shops with a coffee mug and a saucer…and of course reading material in the form of a magazine. So yes, that’s how “The Vogue Cafe; Le Cafe Vogue” began.

I traveled to Dubai this past weekend. Will write a little bit about my adventures there in a separate post, however THIS is the highlight, as it pertains to my blog. I planned lunch on Saturday afternoon to be a special outing at the real Vogue Cafe. The morning was spent exploring the Jumeirah Beach walk and beaches…and a limo ride later – I was in the Shoe District of Dubai Mall in the middle of perfectly displayed Louboutins, Chanels, and Guccis. That is where the cafe sits, at the center of the shoe district. Pretty neat experience.



Banners of fashionable models, screens with delicious-looking food, and a bar with a collection of Vogue Magazines are some of the things that make up this cute cafe.

Obviously not a lot of vegan options on the menu – but you can definitely customize some things. I ordered an Americano, a basket of bread (no dairy), and a wheat-berry salad with veggies, no dressing and no Feta cheese. I requested olive oil and balsamic vinegar, which the waiter kindly brought over. In the picture above, you can tell they thought these things through – oil and vinegar in perfume bottles. Love it!


Grabbed a magazine, and began flipping the pages as I sipped on my hot coffee. Definitely felt like I was pampering myself that afternoon.




After lunch, I walked around and snapped a few photos of the shoes and displays.