Day 4: Dream Book Project ~Relaxation

img_20160309_094749I’m grateful for the life that I have. So unbelievably grateful. But I screw it up with the insane amount of stress and worry and anxiety I put myself through that is ultimately damaging the quality of this life. I always had this dream that one day I would wake up without fears or worries. I could go about my day without thinking about what others think of me or how my actions might in one way or another affect someone else’s life. And always worrying if it’s negatively affecting them and then feeling like I’m suffocating myself because I’m not really thinking about my own happiness but everyone else’s. Walking on egg shells around people, weighing every word so the sentences come out just right. Ugh. It’s just so exhausting.

What would my world look like if I shut down. If the thoughts and whirlwind of emotions stop. If I just let things be. There’s a special quote from the Bhagavad Gita that my dad always reminds me about: “You have the rights to your actions, not the fruits of your actions”. Do what you’re meant to do as an individual as long as you know in your heart that you’re doing the right thing, you don’t need to be attached to the rewards or the outcomes of anything you do. Just live your life without overthinking results. Dont obsess over the ‘fruit of action’. That’s where I get lost. I tend to see this as a path that has some sort of ending like I’m supposed to be trying to achieve something and that something is unattainable, so I am constantly trying to do things to get something that is already within me but the focus turns to external factors that I am not in control of. That’s where I get lost.

Anyway, as long as I know that I guess I’m on the right path. I just have a long way to go. Definitely need to take it one step at a time. That’s the whole point of this Dream Book Project. It’s to find out how I can make my life better and notice the small pieces of the puzzle that need to come together to achieve my idea of happiness and content.

Today it’s all about relaxation. Accept who you are and just let it be. The steps I’m taking to feel more relaxed and stress-free are small but I’m hoping they will make a positive difference in the end.

  1. Listening to my ‘Super-mellow Instrumental Jazz’ station at work
  2. Positive affirmations before sleep
  3. Sleeping earlier than usual
  4. Dancing alone at home
  5. Yoga stretching in the morning
  6. Morning gratitude exercise: Acknowledging 5 things I’m grateful for before my feet touch the floor.