Dream Book Project: Day 1

Imagine with all your mind. Believe with all your heart. Achieve with all your might.”

Three years ago I embarked upon this journey of self-love which matured in to a consistent habit of writing down my blessings. It was a time when I had felt inexplicable joy and happiness. The kind of happiness that you dream about – a sensation of bouncing on clouds, endless smiles and deep fulfillment.  It came from within. I wanted to hold on to that feeling for as long as possible, because I knew one day I would forget how it felt to be so at peace with the world, so at peace with my life and so genuinely happy. That is when I started my Dream Diary.

This was inspired by the book “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” by Robin Sharma, it’s an easy read and the general meaning behind the lessons moved me. This is an excerpt from the book that describes what I’m talking about:

Go out and buy a journal – a cheap coil notepad will do. Call this your Dream Book and fill it with all your desires, objectives and dreams. Get to know yourself and what you are all about.

“Don’t I already know myself?”.

“Most people don’t. They have never taken the time to know their strengths, their weaknesses, their hopes, their dreams. The Chinese define image in these terms: there are three mirrors that form a person’s reflection; the first is how you see yourself, the second is how others see you and the third mirror reflects the truth. Know yourself, John. Know the truth.

“Divide your Dream Book into separate sections for goals relating to the different areas of your life. For example you might have sections for your physical fitness goals, your financial goals, your personal empowerment goals, your relationship and social goals and, perhaps most importantly, your spiritual goals.”

…fill your Dream Book with pictures of the things you desire and images of people who have cultivated the abilities, talents and qualities that you hope to emulate. Getting back to you and your ‘spare tire,’ if you want to lose weight and be in outstanding physical shape, paste a picture of a marathon runner or an elite athlete in your Dream Book. If you want to be the world’s finest husband, why not clip out a picture of someone who represents this — perhaps your father — and put it into your journal in the relationship section. If you are dreaming of a mansion by the sea or a sports car, find an inspiring picture of these objects and use them for your book of dreams. Then review this book daily, even for a few minutes. Make it your friend. The results will startle you.”

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, Robin Sharma

img_20161011_093739So that’s what I did – I went out and bought an elegant pink Hallmark notebook that was to become my “Dream Book”. The categories I scribbled down are:

  1. Dream Job
  2. Health, Fitness & Body
  3. Relationship with Family (Parents, Brother, Husband)
  4. Relationship with God (Faith)
  5. Friendships
  6. Morals & Values
  7. Be In the ‘Now’
  8. Gratitude & Meditation
  9. Ego Frailties – Better My Soul
  10. Self Confidence
  11. Love & Kindness (To Myself)
  12. Love & Kindness (To Others)
  13. Travel
  14. Hobbies
  15. Comfort Zone
  16. Knowledge Growth
  17. Money
  18. Worry, Stress & Attachments
  19. Positivity
  20. Beautiful Life (Favorite Things)

I realized last night, that I have forgotten about this. I somehow got so consumed with and absorbed in my day-to-day life, that I completely disregarded my own life, my purpose and my dreams. In this blog, I want to write a post every single day for the next 30 days to share a piece of what I appreciate and what I am doing on a daily basis that in one way or another gets me closer to achieving my dreams in each of these aspects of my life.

Today I’m going to write about this:

Day 1: My Dream Job

What is it: Human Resources Executive or VP at either Vogue or one of the high end Fashion Houses.

Yes, I know, probably cannot be attained, but a girl can definitely dream. Anything Human Resources and fashion related, if I want to lower my aim and come back down to Earth, would be acceptable too.

What are the steps I need to take  to get there:

What needs to be done to attain this dream? Education and experience.

  • HR Certification
  • Master’s Degree in Business Administration with a specialization in HR
  • Internships at fashion houses
  • Summer courses at fashion institutes
  • Volunteering at events and for magazines
  • Continue blogging and staying up-to-date on the industry

At least I’m getting there with a pretty decent list of options for continuing my education. I have also began an HR Learner blog that will be my ‘notepad’ that will house all new research, studies and knowledge I gather along the way.