Pretty Little Buyers..

No clue with the title, just thought it’s cute. Although this  post will be about online-buys aka online shopping. I need one-piece swimsuits and cutesy beach cover-ups so I’m exploring online stores for these since I highly doubt I would be able to find anything half decent in Saudi. Honestly, love life in Saudi, but some things are hard to get here mainly because they don’t cater to the needs of the majority of locals. I have a feeling bikinis and beach wear would probably be really low on the list of priority inventory re-stock needs for most shops here.

I love traditional shopping, and now I think I love online shopping. Reason being? I’m lazy. I love good quality, stylish things..bags, shoes, dresses. Whatever. So over the past two+ years I’ve educated myself on where to find stuff online and found a few stores that are basically the equivalence of the originals –  but at discounted prices. Removes some of that post-purchase guilt…

I find these to be my favorites:

Esther – Probably one of my favorites. The clothes are gorgeous and affordable. Super feminine and the feel of the website is just so great. They put up tons of photos which works great for me since I’m quite a visual person – less text more photo.


SAKS 5th Avenue – “Saks Off 5th” I go nuts on this site when they have the major sales going on. It’s very reliable and trustworthy, which I really appreciate.

Lucy in the Sky – This is on the sexier side of things. Party dresses and crop tops etc. I like how you can just scroll through all the outfit shots.


Nordstrom Rack – LOVE. I happen to love Nordstrom in general so Nordstrom Rack is like the greatest thing ever for handbags and clothes. – I know, sounds like a child store but honestly has super cute/unique stuff – especially casuals. I like checking this out for new trends.



Luxury Garage Sale – “LGS” This one’s great for pre-owned and even new designer handbags that sell for pretty good prices.

Net-A-Porter – “The Outnet” This, to me, is like SAKS off 5th. Reliable, and great finds during sales. Especially love their “What to Wear” page which is great for all kinds of outfit inspiration for every occasion.


Neiman Marcus – “Last Call“. Same as above; when I want something of quality that will last for years, this is one of the websites I check.

Fashionbunker – I’ve kind of run out of ideas to describe online stores but this one is awesome. To me it feels like it’s my style – more of the adult working woman still in her 20’s/30’s. Chic and classic. Kind of reminds me of Banana Republic or Zara?



Shopbop – This is cool because it kinda feels like a blog and the tabs up top have some different options – a variety of boutiques, a list of clothing categories and lookbooks for inspiration. Can also shop by designer.  It’s pretty easy to use, photos are good and the handbags are fab.

A’Gaci – Love this! Super trendy and affordable. Cute and quirky pieces which are perfect for quick fun additions to your basic wardrobe. What I love about the site itself is that it shows the look as a fashion-blogger would – I don’t know kinda like streetstyle? It’s visually appealing.

Screen Shot 2016-09-11 at 3.49.43 PM.png


Yes there are tons more but these are the few that I keep going back to…