Chocolate, Coffee & Eric Kayser

I’ve spent the majority of the last two weeks at home hanging out in our kitchen. Not because I’m looking around for food but because I was deciding on how to move all the trinkets and appliances around to make the space look more minimalist. I have all my cookbooks/nutrition books sitting in the corner on the counter. I now have a nice white box shelf unit that will hang up on the wall to house the books and tidy up the counter space. D helped me clear out the clutter hanging on our fridge. The stickers on there can’t be removed so we always cover them with either photos or our work schedule. Cleared that up and took down all the magnets that were not being used.

Two things: I miraculously managed to find Dunkin Donuts’ Hazelnut Coffee here in Riyadh, couldn’t believe it. HAD to buy 2 baggies because that is my favorite coffee flavor in the world (my brother introduced me to hazelnut coffee and I’ve been addicted to it since). Two: I also found that I could use the really really dark unsweetened baking chocolate to make my own coconut flavored pieces – kinda like Lindt Dark chocolate Coconut. That way I know what’s in my daily indulgence…

Before I forget, I also wanted to write about our morning Friday outing at Eric Kayser. The hubby and I wanted to treat ourselves before grocery shopping and it made perfect sense to have a nice breakfast somewhere close to Carrefour. It only made sense to hit up Eric Kayser and be one of two couples in the bakery that morning – perfection. We had coffee, and a ton of food. I ate half my portion just because my eyes still remain bigger than my stomach. D ordered a traditional Arabic breakfast with zaatar bread, labneh, olives, hummus, pita bread and fried eggs. I had a mushroom omelette sans dairy with a bruschetta on the side plus another side of sauteed veggies. D really wanted a pain au chocolat at the end but decided against it – he’s been eating clean since we got back from vacay. I think this may become a monthly thing – breakfast at Kayser and grocery shopping at Carrefour. Why not?