Pool Time & Gym Routine

Over the summer I decided that it may be time to incorporate swimming in to my fitness routine. By swimming I don’t mean dog-paddling although I think that’s the maximum I can do without being entirely out of breath (and of course floating on my back). Since we’ve been back home I’ve had no time to actually hit the pools here until today. My friend Alex loves pool-time so she’s a great companion to have when I feel to weird about hitting the pool on my own. Great. Got in my black bikini, turquoise shorts and wore a long beach scarf as a cover up. We have three pools to choose from and it’s kind of an unspoken thing that we always gravitate towards the adult-only pool, Alex was already there with an iced latte in one hand and a book in the other.

I should mention that I’m trying out this intermittent fasting thing where I don’t overstuff myself in the evenings and wait until about noon to have my first meal. I try to do this a few times a week to give my digestive system a break every so often. I thought this was good because I felt pretty light and flexible in the water, I guess my movements were a little more swift. Yeah, did a few laps and felt my heart pumping hard by the end of it. Not bad! Alex went back to her place to check up on her baby girl and I stayed for another hour tanning and reading a book. I was also planning what to eat in my head throughout this time. It was around 11:30 so – breakfast or lunch food?

Chose breakfast – oats with cocoa powder, caramel flavoring, almonds, seeds and some no-sugar PB. Tasted like a dessert to be honest, and pretty high in yummy fat. So I definitely think swimming should become a regular thing for days where I just really don’t feel like running.

My gym routine looked like this for the past few years – 30 to 45 minutes about 5 times a week. Usually consists of a run for about 2-3 miles, and bodyweight training. I’ve changed things this year by hitting the gym only 3 times a week for an hour each time. Now I just do a really fast 15 minute run, usually like to start off with running a mile in 10 minutes, reducing speed for about 5 and then working it back up to get a total of 2 miles by 25 minutes. I also do some cycling for 20 minutes and finally interval strength training with weights. I’m actually trying to get in to lifting nowadays. So yeah, that’s my routine and I’m loving it so far. I just always end up feeling hungry the entire next day which I guess makes sense and I plan my days so that I eat what I normally eat (clean/healthy) but in greater amounts.

Okay, the hubby needs me to asses his patio-construction skills right now. xx