Professional Summer Stylin’

The weather in Riyadh gets so hot starting in May and finding professional breezy outfits to wear becomes ridiculously hard. I stand in front of my wardrobe every morning for about 20 minutes trying to decide what will work and what won’t. No pants, no long sleeve T shirts, no layers…yeah I know it’s a first world problem. I wish I was one of those girls that could decide on an outfit the night before and just commit to it. I have always wanted to be like that but it was never meant to be. My attitude towards my clothes and my body that morning change so fast that I need to make a final decision in the moment. It is what it is. So anyway, I thought I would recap three  of the summer work outfits I had snapped before we started our vacation.



Bright orange dress, gold flats and a cream-colored handbag.Carrying a bouquet of pink roses for the office…


Military white dress shirt from Massimo Dutti, chunky gold and faux-gem earrings.


Navy blue dress from Forever 21 (yes, I shop there sometimes, and yes I’m almost 30 years old), nude flats from Dune London, Miu Miu sunnies, gold pendant necklace and a gold bow belt from I don’t know where.

Need to get back in to the habit of posting more often. ciao.