Sweets & Baby Blues

Okay, so I got two things going on here, an outfit post – what I wore during one of our outings – and a few snaps of sweet displays. I think it’s time to mix in some cafe stuff in here since this blog is about more than just fashion…gotta get some coffee love in here.

We like to go out to cafes and enjoy a good cup of coffee every once in a while, and that also involves snapping tons of photos of sweet treats that I like to admire from afar. Back in my ‘eat whatever the hell you want’ young-adult phase I would be able to scarf down three profiteroles and a cup of ice cream without a care in the world. Now, as I’ve gotten older and have learned to respect my body on the inside and outside, this no longer applies. So…yeah, I will always post tons of photos of baked goods and yummies because they make me feel good and nostalgic, but I guess I lost my cravings for them for quite some time now.

Recently I’ve been into fun sunglasses and striking accessories. I find this is the only way to make simple plain outfits look a little more fashionable. This outfit is one of those ultra-basic simple ones…a t-shiet, skirt and a bunch of bling.

OOTD: Basic white Tee, baby blue A-line skirt, Cypriot silver cuff, blue-grey stone necklace and ‘hope‘ ring.

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High Tea at the Ritz, a delicious stack of profiterole trays I saw at the market, and desserts at Elements. Living it up.