Mid-May Delights: Inspiring Looks

Can’t believe it’s already mid-May! Love. Loving these last weeks before the start of summer. Our final work day for the year is June 14th so I’m going to keep myself entertained for the next four weeks by planning for our summer vacay and looking at all kinds of new outfit inspiration to help me plan out my vacation outfits.

It’s kinda obvious that I like to compile all the pretty little photos I find and put them together in a single post so I feel like, my photo-search and photo-saving actually has a purpose. It totally does, most of what I wear or buy is inspired in one way or another by something I see and here’s what has inspired me so far:

White / Blue / Black Outfit Combos


Source: Image by Diego Zuko via Harper’s Bazaar


Source: Melodie Jeng/HPMG via Huffington Post


Source: LoLo Bu


Source: PopSugar


Source: VivaLuxury


Source: Image by Diego Zuko via Harper’s Bazaar