Crimson & Navy

I don’t do this on purpose, it looks like I’m a walking Zara ad. They should PAY me to wear their stuff because I’m pretty sure the majority of everything I own is in one way or another related to Zara. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing?

Most mornings I tend to pass the phone over to my husband to snap a quick photo. I think he’s getting used to it and now he reaches his hand out habitually because he KNOWS it’s part of our morning ritual. Whatevz man. I live in Saudi and if we can’t go out and walk around without wearing those black abayas, where else am I gonna show off my outfits?So…that’s why most of my “what I’m wearing” posts tend to be work outfits. It’s a different story when we’re traveling.

Photographing my sunnies, coffee and melon bowl. Favorite breakfast: big fruit bowl. Yep.

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Crimson top, Zara

Fitted navy and crimson knee-length skirt, Zara

Black and navy kitten heels, Vince Camuto

Daisy sunglasses, Aldo