Fashion Blogging World…Questionable.

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I have been thinking about this for a few years now, and I was never fully convinced of my opinion on this matter until recently. I’m kind of late to the blogging world, I have always had a youtube account, a pinterest account and a blogspot (private blog to act as an online diary); but I never REALLY looked deeper into any of these social media platforms to see what people are doing. I mean, the maximum I ever did in uni was watch make up videos by Goss Makeup Artist, Pixiwoo and Kandee Johnson. Then it turned in to fitness and nutrition videos, because that’s what I was inspired by at that moment.

I mean, seriously, going through my youtube history and my pinterest ‘pins’ is a clear indication that I was so out of the loop and unaware of what has been happening in this fashion/lifestyle blogging world….Until about two months ago.

I have always liked blogging, but never felt comfortable enough to put my thoughts (and life) out there for anyone (other than myself) to read. But now at the age of 29, I know my self pretty well, and I’m confident with who I am. Anyway, I started blogging – it makes me happy and it’s a good place for me to post the photos that I take of pretty fashionable, wonderful things, because where the hell else am I gonna put them? So that turned in to me creating a new instagram account (a collection or gallery of my favorite photos). Then I started ‘following’ other fashion things like vogue, cosmo, glamour etc. to get inspiration. That led to finding out about a bunch of other fashion bloggers. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always known about quite a few of them for a while now (and seriously LOVE some of them out there – Atlantic Pacific, Wendys Look Book, Happa Time, VivaLuxury etc. to name a few).

But what the heck, man. I find it strange how so much of these insta-‘liked’ photos and blogs are generally all the same. My insta feed screams – marketing and PR, the same photos keep coming up. The same is true for pinterest too. And these photos aren’t even the kind that I can actually work with. Like okay, show me a photo of a Zara dress, I’ll be like, yeah cool I can buy that….all I see is designer stuff. Like, how does a regular chick who just sits at home and blogs all day own 5 glamorous Chanel bags, Jimmy Choo shoes, Louboutin whatever? Not to mention the photos of poses and daily photo-ops of them wearing heels and in-your-face outfits. Like, where the hell are you even going? Where are you wearing that to??? I don’t get it. I don’t know if it’s just me but I’m a regular/average girl who seriously cannot relate to any of this. I have clothes that I have been wearing for years and only enough to fit in my closet. THAT’s what a normal person’s wardrobe is like. We don’t go out and buy the newest trendiest thing every week. Just frustrating. What makes bloggers any different from fashion magazines now? I thought they’re supposed to be more ‘real’. Kinda feels like this whole blogging  world has just become all business and has been engulfed by the fashion industry all together. It lost its real-ness…which I guess is what happens when the focus turns to money-making and profits. And to be honest, for the younger generation out there it’s kind of shit. If I was a teenager seeing all of this I could easily have ended up thinking – well, I don’t have all that stuff and I can never have it and my life is not like all these girls’ lives so I might as well just throw in the towel and give up. Not cool.

Is this world THAT superficial and materialistic? Like people will only look at you if you’re showing photos of a bunch of shite that’s ridiculously overpriced? And please, half those high end outfits are garbage and we all know it, but because of the ‘name’, you have to accept that it’s wonderful and ‘like’ it.  It just kinda makes me sick, and I don’t mean to be negative or anything…some of my favorite fashion bloggers out there definitely own high-end stuff, they just can I guess, but the fashion is nice and inspires me with my own style. But why does every one that they follow and those that follow them all just create this clique or cult or something and it all has to be the same? Bloggers are supposed to be normal people, they’re supposed to bring this untouchable world of fashion (the entire fashion industry, models and ‘glamorous’ life that comes with it) and make it more accessible and relatable to us normal folk, and that’s what I have been having a hard time with. You can only be popular if you’re ‘high end’ and pretending to be a part of that fashion world. Ukh. No but seriously, what is with all these freaking CHANEL bags? One blogger buys it, then 100 of them run and get the same bag and take photos. Dude, stay true to your own self and your own style. Also some of these Chanel bags out there look like shit, wouldn’t buy them even if I DID have money to throw away.

Ok I’m done here, am I wrong about all of this or what? I know this all sounds negative, but it’s my opinion and it’s my blog…so I can say what I want.