Dressed in Red (& Black)

I kinda slack off when it comes to blogging, I take the photos but can never find the time to go through them and actually post them. Which is ultimately the only way I can keep this blog going, obviously. I blog because it makes me feel happy, not because I’m trying to make this a career or whatever. Sometimes I find inspiration during my lunch break at work, and instead of getting out of the office, I just sit and get inspiration…not sure why I enjoy this, but I do.

Fashion, art and photography have been my passion for years. I love taking photos of pretty little things and writing about them. That’s as far as it goes, I wear something that anyone can wear and I write about it. Maybe it’s my way of making sure my every day life doesn’t get boring and uninspiring. So, I really shouldn’t be too hard on myself when it comes to posting my outfit photos or whatever, and let’s be real, who the heck is even reading this other than me? Even my family doesn’t know I do this, my husband does, but he has no interest in reading in general, which is awesome…because this blog is the only thing I have in this world that isn’t ‘shared’ among the people I know, and that keeps me sane.

Okay, moving on. Here’s what I wore last week, casual week at the office….and I threw in a photo of the Jo Malone shop interior that always looks so elegant and clean as well as a shot of the Twister tower in Riyadh.


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Looking royally pissed for some reason (too early?).

Outfit: Sheer red dress shirt (sleeve-less) with gold buttons, skinny jeans, short blazer and nude flats. Carrying a leather backpack with gold details. Miu Miu sunglasses.

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Processed with VSCO with m5 preset


Saudi Architecture: Mejdool Twister Building in Riyadh


Jo Malone Shop Interior. Black & White.