Dressed for Brunch: Snake-Skin Print

Weekends – Even when I have absolutely nothing to do, I get myself all dolled-up because life is too short to spend my days wasting away at home in pjs and socks. My personality wouldn’t allow me to do that even if I seriously tried. So, this past Friday was no different. Living in Saudi means our weekends are unlike a typical Saturday/Sunday weekend. The day of rest falls on a  Friday and that’s to be expected, it is after all, a Muslim country.

We reserve Fridays for exquisite breakfast and brunch outings and of course, a chance to enjoy our first day off after a long and busy work week. This weekend, we decided to create our own brunch set-up outside on our patio. Just to kick it up a notch to Ballin’-status, I got dressed up in a snake-skin print dress which I later paired with my cream purse and studded black heels when we ventured out of our home.

2016-04-22 12.01.51 1.jpg


Here’s our brunch spread: Poached eggs, mushrooms in coconut milk, greens & veggies, home ‘fries’, berries, turkey, cheese and smoked salmon. And of course no brunch is complete without a nice hot cup of coffee…

2016-04-22 10.51.17 1.jpg

2016-04-22 10.51.18 1.jpg

Brunch spread: Coffee, toast, poached eggs, smoked salmon, mushrooms, home fries and berries.