The REAL Vogue Cafe

Believe it or not. This world actually has a real-life Vogue Cafe. Not just one, you can find them in Moscow, Paris, Dubai, Kiev and Bangkok, among other places. Each one bares a different style and decor but they all provide customers with the same experience: a chill-out coffee-lover’s mood of lounging, fashion drooling, and coffee-sipping. I need to find a way to visit the Dubai locale and rate it for myself.

Photos of the Vogue Cafes around the World

Vogue Cafe in Moscow. Source: Vogue

Vogue Cafe in Dubai. Source: Vogue

Vogue Cafe in Dubai. Source: Just Lyla

Vogue Cafe Menu. Source

Vogue Cafe in Dubai (Mall)

Gorgeous Decor at the Vogue Cafe in Paris

Vogue Lounge in Bangkok

Vogue Cafe in Kiev

Photo Source: Losarys
Now this is pretty inspiration…so if I were to open up a little cafe in a mall somewhere (a girl can dream), here’s what my imaginary menu would look like…Vogue Cafe “Menu” M. Johnson