Black & White Street Chic – Spring 2016

Source: Riches & Rags

These days it’s all about street style fashion and what-not. In this part of the world, the weather is warming up, so current inspirational outfits revolve around light jackets, jeans, layers and t-shirts…all in shades of black, grey and white.

Basically, these outfits are the easiest and simplest outfits ever, but with a few tweaks they can go from shabby/cheap looking to stylishly chic. Fitted jeggings/jeans, a simple sweater or t-shirt and a clean quality leather jacket or trench coat plus a few accessories (hats, leather handbags, heels and sunglasses.) That’s it.

Now check out these chicks strutting the streets…

Source: Veda

Source: Trend2Wear

Source: Serbags

Source: How to Chic

Source: Viva Luxury

Source: Studded Rose

Source: Lookastic

Source: Mr. Newton

Source: LoLoBu

Source: Style Caster