14 Fashion & Style Instagramers

Wendy’s Look Book Insta

Setting up an instagram account sounded pretty sweet to me a few years ago. At the time I just wanted a personal platform to upload a few travel, lifestyle and food photos….had no idea I could “follow” other people because I was just THAT out of the loop. My interests are always evolving on a regular basis so that’s when I decided to set up another account that’s solely dedicated to fashion and style inspirations.

…so of course the question became: Who in the world should I follow now? Well…as is the norm, I started off with the major fashion houses and magazines out there, aka Vogue, Elle, Chanel, ‘HouseofHerrera’, ‘LouboutinWorld’ etc. Umm..yeah…that’s a S**t ton of people to follow and ridiculously overwhelming especially for an average person like me who just wants to see pretty stuff for inspiration and move on with my life. I had to weed through 100+ photos of style/fashion/runway photos before I found something I could actually ‘like’.
I started following 150 or so of those instagram accounts to find out which ones provide all-rounded fashion inspiration without giving me a headache with products and photos of anorexic models and street-tyle outfits that look like complete and utter crap but everyone ‘likes’ just because they belong to high end designer brands. Here’s what I found…


My Top 14 Favorite Fashion & Style Instagramers

1. BLUSHSHOP (@blushshop)

2. SONG OF STYLE (@songofstyle)

3. F A S H I O N A I R Y (@fashionairy)

4. INSPOCAFE (@inspocafe)

5. KATE SPADE NEW YORK (@Katespadeny)

6. DETOILE_M (@detoile_m)

7. NYTIMESFASHION (@nytimesfashion)

8. PHIL OH – MRSTREETPEEPER (@mrstreetpeeper)

9. ROSIE CLAYTON (@rclayton)

10. BUY NOW BLOG LATER (@buynowbloglater)


12. THE COVETEUR (@thecoveteur)

13. WANDERLUST STYLE (@wanderlust__style)

14. WENDY NGUYEN (@wendyslookbook)