Work Wardrobe Rules

I need a professional-attire overhaul. Pronto. Some inspiration in that general department would be much appreciated right about now. The only reason I say this is because I wore the grey and black velvet floral dress that I bought a month ago and got so many compliments…which is very sweet and I’m grateful, but it made me realize that I’ve just become so meh with my work-outfit choices as of late…stagnant inspiration = bland stylin’. I’m mixing it up this morning with a shimmery navy blue sweater and my royal blue maxi skirt. Below are two photos of outfit and accessories…may need these if I decide this outfit is worthy of re-wear.


Professional Clothes ≠ Boring

Just because skirts or dresses should be a certain length and blouses should hide cleavage and shoulders, it does NOT mean that the outfit has to be boring.

Add a touch of YOU

Adding a touch of your own style to a typical professional outfit makes a huge difference.

Color Pop

Color: nothing crazy but a pop of color here and there makes boring look edgy and glamorous.

Keep It Simple (Accessories-wise)

Avoid big in-your-face chunky gold, glittery, sparkly accessories and outfits. But…throw in a colorful statement piece such as necklace, bangle, belt or earrings here and there.

Clubbing Heels No-No

Yeah, they’re sexy but that classification won’t earn you any respect in the work-place. Heels taller than 5 inches shouldn’t be making an appearance in the office. Keep it classy.

Watches, Pearls and Diamonds

A big gold or silver watch is classy.

Funky pearl or diamond accessories with a modern twist are even classier.

Avoid Cardigan-Dress Pairings

Cardigans typically ruin the style and appeal of a dress, so I always try to buy dresses that don’t need to be layered with blazers, sweaters or cardigans.

Cycle Outfits

Don’t wear the same outfit every week. Definitely don’t wear the same outfit every other day (for obvious reasons). Seriously, people will always remember that outfit and think it’s the only one you own. Cycle outfits once every two or three weeks, if you can.

Love Flats and Ballerinas

I personally love wearing flats to work – but they should be good quality, chic patent leather style flats. None of the cloth flimsy material varieties. The pointier the toe, the more professional it looks.