Talkin’ Fashion Campaigns

Source: Photography by Tim Walker, props by Hillman Studio

Fashion campaigns are awesome. I mean, check this Mulberry one out. What’s not to love about it? Everything just sucks you in and you feel like your whole life is meaningless because there are people out there who are living these glamorous live and us average-folk are sitting around doing nothing but following a routine of getting up, going to work, and  watching TV. Honestly, this stuff can make a person schedule some counseling sessions to discuss the meaning of their life and wasting away. It shouldn’t be like this. Who can afford this shite anyways? Please explain. I sure as heck can’t. Am I just completely out of the loop on this one or what? Do you even know how much that Mulberry bag sells for? Yikes~!

Oh who are we kidding, let’s get back in to denial-mode, go with the flow, and enjoy this fabulous art.

Kate Spade. Taken from MelissaAnneColors

Photo by Michal Pudelka via Visual Optimism for Valentino

Peachy Girl Japan Bridal Collection via Wedding Inspirasi

Photograph by Steven Meisel for Moschino via WearesoDroee

Nina Ricci Campaign via ZarZarModels

Photo by Matthew Gallagher via Fashion Magazine

Image for Plastik Mag by Eli Rezkallah, Ryan Houssari and Ross Feighery via Trendland

Alright now snap out of fairy-tale land and get back to real life…