15 February Fashion Finds (Accessories Edition)

Because I need more crap in my closets. I am now convinced that my mind is determined to intoxicate itself with some fashion-related matters at least once every month. Why would February be any different? Here’s a list of fifteen things I may add to my wish-list for the year…


1. Dior Split1 Sunglasses

Source: Dior

2. Ted Baker Travel Bag 

This is absolutely adorable and perfect for spring or summer travel.

Source: Ted Baker
3. Tous Multi-colored Scarf

Loving the bright colors of this adorable scarf. This would definitely bring a pop of color to any simple outfit. This also comes in another style that’s a little less color cluttered.

Source: Tous

4. KENZO Cactus Sweatshirt

Source: Kenzo

5. KENZO Cactus Sweatshirt (White)

Because one is not enough.

Source: Kenzo

6. Ted Baker Bow Court Shoes

Source: Ted Baker

7. Charlotte Olympia Mid-Century Kitty

In Pink!

Source: Charlotte Olympia

8. Bimba & Lola Floral Keychain

Lovely on its own as a key-chain or as an attachment to a nude or beige colored handbag.

Source: Bimba Y Lola

9. KENZO Red and Black Bucket Bag

Are they serious with this bag? Number 1 on my wishlist right now!

Source: Kenzo

10. Tous Trebol Flower Bracelet

Source: Tous

11. Michael Kors Parker Pave Gold-Tone Watch

Source: Michael Kors

12. 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Mini Shark-Embossed Leather Satchel

Source: Nordstrom (3.1 Phillip Lim)

13. Charlotte Olympia Web Sneakers

Source: Charlotte Olympia

14. Ted Baker Pearl Cluster Bangle

Source: Ted Baker

15. Bimba & Lola Flower Bracelet

Source: Bimba Y Lola