5 Tips to Traveling Right: Italy

If I could recommend something to anyone, it would be to travel to Italy during the spring or summer. Once upon a time I traveled to Rome and Venice. Supposedly two of the… Continue reading

Detoxing from Negativity

Step outside of it for a little bit and you will realize how much it has consumed your life. Negativity is one of the hardest things to break, it’s an addiction, takes control… Continue reading

Favorite Style Icons: Giovanna Battaglia

This woman is hands-down one of the most stylish ladies to walk the streets of this Earth. I’ve been tracking her outfits for years and she just manages to make them all work,… Continue reading

Typical Day of Plant-Based Eating

A typical day in my life looks something like this: Pre-Breakfast: 1/2 cup of plant milk with my coffee. Breakfast: Oatmeal or Fruit Bowls 3/4 cup to 1 cup of quick-cooking oats 1… Continue reading

30 Years of Wisdom

Today is the first day of this new chapter in my life. I am now 30 years old. It is amazing to think that I have lived for 30 years and experienced so… Continue reading

Healthy Lifestyle Journey

Inspiration comes when I’m jogging around a track whilst discussing fitness goals with friends. Yesterday seemed to be a day full of discussing surrounding healthy eating habits, binge eating, calorie restriction and over-exercising.… Continue reading

Black & White Stripes

There’s something about a simple horizontally striped sweater that makes me think ‘French’. As you may or may not know, the French are famous for their ‘Breton Stripe’, which has a pretty interesting history in… Continue reading

Weekend Excursion: Bahrain

Long weekends in Arabia involve driving a vehicle across the border to yet another Gulf country. This time we journeyed back to Bahrain. Although this is one minuscule country, a few day’s getaway… Continue reading

Tan Tan

Ah, what a beautiful day it is. Cool crisp mornings, coats on, coffee keeping frozen fingers warm, sudden spurts of rain then calm. It’s one of those cool February days, a rarity in this part… Continue reading

Moving Words; Kahlil Gibran.

Today’s ramblings will be a little different from the usual. They are more like talks inspired by some recent reads. One in particular: ‘The Prophet’ by Kahlil Gibran. I read this little book… Continue reading

Sweet Life: Mug Cakes and Granola Bars

I spent this weekend relaxing, eating to my heart’s content, gymming, cleaning up and meal prepping for the week. It was a pretty busy weekend but I tried to enjoy it as much… Continue reading

Weekend Getaway Packing Tips

This girl, right here, is the worst light traveler to ever exist. The concept of traveling light sparks emotions of anxiety and stress that most normal people wouldn’t experience. It has definitely gotten… Continue reading